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Mega Marketing Event

January 19, 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The FBI Group will be hosting a Mega Marketing Event. We will have a vendor fair with breakout sessions at the TOP of the Hour.

Professionals will be talking about Branding, Social Media, Google, and much more. We will be offering FREE Headshots and business cards redesigns, plus a community Shred Event.

Brook BORUP:  My Clone Solution:

10:00  The First 100 Days: Build Superior Customer Service & Loyalty in 4 Steps

Your first 100 days of any client experience will make or break that relationship. In a perfect world we would be able to hand hold someone through every step of every purchase to be sure they did everything to maximize the experience and become a repeat buyer. That is just unrealistic. 

What if you could craft the perfect experience so your customers would buy again and again? 

Even better what if they were a consistent referral source of new business?


Barry CARROLL: Google Trusted Photographer and Google Trusted Verifier

10:00  Explode your business online with Google

You know Google, but does Google know you?

And more importantly, does Google TRUST you?

Learn how to be TRUSTED by Google and get on Google Maps and in Google Search


Iris GREEN: IRIS GREEN Real Estate Group

11:00  Branding Yourself: Setting your stage for success

From Social Media to Print to YOUR Presentation, It all plays a ROLE in YOUR Success

Setting everyone expectation is the KEY to YOUR success


Dustie Amatangelo: Personal Marketing Solutions

11:00  The Personal Touch is still a KEY to Your Success!

Introduction to SENDOUT CARDS

Celebrate your Client’s Iife events

Never have to Prospect AGAIN! Referrals/Referrals/Referrals


WALTER M. PARKER: Security National Mortgage Company

12:00  Facebook Live, Do’s Don’t and the UGLY

Walter Parker will discuss how FB Live is vital to EVERY Real Estate Agent and their business.  He’ll discuss proper etiquette on shooting live, and when to, what content do you want to cover, the value of multiple people on at once, and how FB Live is quickly becoming a must for every realtor in the industry. During his presentation, He will demonstrate going live and just how to set up for the best angle, lighting, and how to trigger engagement from your targeted audience. 

Bonus: We’ll even go over targeting your recorded live and using it as a Facebook ad!

Bill Rizer Fidelity Title

12:00  INSTAGRAM Community, Connections, and Conversations

In this session, we will:

Look at the power of Instagram for sharing community information while locating others with like interests in the community

Learn how to connect with our sphere, customers, and future customers in an authentic way

Better understand the power of conversations on Instagram and across all social platforms.


Brook Borup: My CLONE Solution

1:00  The Money Is In The List: 5 To-Do's For Generating More Leads While Building Your Personal Brand

How consistent is your communication with your past clients and contacts? 

Do you brand yourself as an individual or part of the company brand? 

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? 

What plans do you have to elevate your personal brand this year?

With a few tweaks, tools and a plan you can soar above your competition by differentiating yourself with some new strategies and some old favorites you forgot about. This presentation will test your knowledge of personal branding and the online tools that can make you memorable if done right!


Iris Green: IRIS GREEN Real Estate Group

1:00  Convenience Takes CENTER STAGE:  10 APPS You need to know

Convenience takes center stage with Technology that puts hours back into your day

Efficiency is an essential tool for any REALTOR, it’s all the same 24 hours

These 10 APPS will change your life and business


Dustie Amatangelo: The FBI Group, VP of Business Development

2:00  Under 30 TOP AGENTS on Marketing

Ask the Millennial what they are doing to make their business grow through marketing

Marketing to the UNDER 30 Crowd…What works?


Carole Gill

2:00   DiSC – how to understand your basic personality and how you interact with others