Water Testing


Although your drinking water may look and taste good, it may contain harmful contaminants. While some levels are considered safe, others may be capable of causing a wide array of health issues. For this reason, it is important to know the amount and types of impurities that are in your drinking water. Water quality is determined by the amount of contaminants in your drinking water. If your levels are within an acceptable range, the water is considered safe to drink. If your levels are not within an acceptable range, you should not drink the water.

pH: 2.0 to 12.1
Total Alkalinity: 0 to 24 parts per million
Total Chlorine: 0 to 10 parts per million
Total Hardness: 0 to 425 parts per million
Iron: 0 to 5 parts per million
Copper: 0 to 5 parts per million
Nitrate: 0 to 50 parts per million
Nitrites: 0 to 5 parts per million

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