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A home inspection is a VISUAL, NON INVASIVE inspection of the entire home, it's systems and components!

We will crawl your crawlspace, climb into your attic, test your systems, and more to make sure you feel confident moving forward with your new home purchase.

A good inspection will tell you about various aspects of the home and their conditions. At the Florida Building Inspection Group, we have a Standard Home Inspection Process that includes a thorough VISUAL evaluation of the following:


Slab on grade, crawlspace, basement? If we can see it we will inspect it!


Stucco, vinyl, hardboard, brick, what ever the material is we are here to report on the condition!


Roofs are one of the biggest items on every buyer's mind. Let us put you at ease with the facts.


Supply and waste plumbing are in the scope for us. If it is accessible and on then we will inspect.


Compressor, air handler or furnace, duct work, temperature splits and performance. 


All accessible electrical components are in play: outlets, lights, panels, breakers, etc.


Floors, ceilings, walls, windows, stairs, appliances and fixtures. All included in the standard home inspection with the FBI Group.


When there is an attic space available it is important that we can look at the structure of your home along with roof sheathing so we can find any potential issues.


We want to make sure that your home is properly insulated to keep the bad out and the good in.

See a sample inspection report HERE!