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The friend of the Buyer! This inspection will look at specific items that can give you DISCOUNTS on your Home Insurance. We will be answering specific questions like: how is the roof attached, are your windows hurricane resistant and more like these. 

The 4 point inspection could be needed for homes starting at 1 year old depending on your insurance company. We will be looking at and answering specific questions about your Roof, HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems. If we find hazards or deficiencies then we will report them with this report.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

4 Point Inspection

Manufactured Home Certifications

HUD Compliant Manufactured Home Certifications. 

- Permanent Foundation Certification

- Certification of additions

How can we help?

The Florida Building Inspection Group has certified inspectors to assist you with your mobile home tie-down inspections.

These inspections are typically required for FHA or VA financing/loan, which the tie downs must comply with FHA and HUD requirements.

What is inspected?

> Skirting

> Foundation material

> Building Type

> Weather Conditions

> Lot slope/Grading

> Tie downs and methods

> Additions to home

> Tongues and wheels

> HUD Compliance Data Plates

> HUD Data Sheets

The WDO inspection and report identifies the presence of, damage from, or evidence of wood destroying organisms such as termites, wood boring beetles, and wood-decaying fungi. This should be done (and MUST be done in certain states) by a licensed Pest Control Operator or their agent.

Wood Destroying Organisms

Some insurance companies might require you to get what is known as a "Roof Certification or Roof Certificate." We are happy to provide this service along with all of your other home buying needs. This inspection gives you the life expectancy, age and condition of the roof on your new or old house.

Roof Certification Inspections