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Our agents are privy to an amazing platform called the Real Estate Professional Dashboard (RED). This platform will allow agents that use the FBI Group to track, schedule and record inspections right from their phone via their own person profile.

If you are interested in learning more or getting your own profile please fill out the form and we will get in contact with you!

Interview with

Tony Baroni and Kate Conroy

Appliance Repair

Mr. Appliance

(813) 657-3499

Apollo Environmental, Inc.

(813) 671-3999

Asbestos Consulting and Testing, Lead Paint Detection and Removal, Radon Mitigation

Asbestos Remediation

John Legune

(813) 416-0900


Solis Drywall

(813) 494-6704


(Certified Electric Contractor)

Hindman Electric

(813) 672-4084

FHA Mobile Home Tie Down Inspections

HAS Inspections

(813) 363-4600; (813) 681-3597


Greg Wilkins

(719) 839-0768

Pedro Sosa

(727) 641-5444

Dan Tracy

(813) 449-1788

Home Insurance

Innovative Insurance

(888) 212-8020

Meek Insurance

(813) 677-1121

Excellence Insurance (Melissa)

(813) 867-2132; (813) 382-2911

Forensic Home Testing Structural engineering

Weintraub Inspections

(813) 683-8000

Lead Paint risk assessment and Remediation

ACM Engineering & Environmental

(813) 885-7868

Lawn Sprinklers

Green's Lawn Sprinklers

(813) 892-7891

Property and Casualty Insurance

Briggs Family Insurance

(813) 684-0400

Mold remediation,

odor removal

(cigarette smoke etc.)

KUSTOM US (Disaster Restoration)

(727) 300-9425


JC&M Painting

(813) 770-2912; (484) 426-1910

Pest Control

Florida Pest Control

(813) 463-4640

Massey Pest Control (Correy)

(813) 892-7891

Interview with

Sheryl Houck

Plumbing/HVAC/Repair Services

CPR Services

(813) 933-3700


Sun City Plumbing

(813) 633-8923


Cardinal Roofing

(813) 689-7663

Rathel's Roofing

(813) 505-6319

Screen rooms and repairs,

Motorized screen walls, retractable awnings, gutters, soffits

Silverback Screening

(941) 545-8548

Residential HVAC Specialist

Brett Schiller

(813) 644-2257

Septic services

Brandon Septic

(813) 643-4642

Sinkholes/Professional Contruction Specialists

PCS Sinkhole

(727) 848-3700

Seamless Gutters/Soffits/Fascia

Custom Flo Gutters

(813) 362-5502

Structural Engineers

Dansco Engineering

(813) 645-0166

Storage Units

Causeway Self Storage

(813) 621-5464

Sliding Glass Door repair

Alex's Sliding Glass Doors

(941) 225-2658

Well inspections, pump checks

Pope Wells

(813) 949-7413

Well and pump

Gary Ford Well & Pump

(813) 754-4856

Radon Remediation

REA Remedial Solutions

(813) 657-0747

Common Finds

Inspector Manager Shane Rayburn

New Construction

Pre Lintel inspection with Patrick Modglin

Roof Inspection

Inspector Jared Hyers

HVAC Inspection

Inspector Travis Manning