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What is a 4 point home inspection for new home construction in Estero

You've purchased a property and are getting ready to build your new home. You want to make sure you do everything right, so you don't have issues with it later down the line. Many of the problems and defects found in home inspections of older homes are from the original construction. A new construction inspection can provide you with peace of mind. Know that your new home is being built right from the ground up with a 4 point home inspection. Throughout this article, we will discuss the typical sequence and 4 phases that makeup 4 point home inspection.

At Florida Building Inspection Group, we call a 4 point home inspection a 4 phase home inspection. We do this because it is done in 4 phases throughout the building process. The 4 phases of our 4 point inspection include the Pre-Foundation Phase, Pre-Lintel Phase, Pre-Drywall Phase, and Blue Tape Walk Through Phase. Keep reading to learn more about each phase of the 4 point home inspection process for new home construction in Estero, FL.

Phase 1: Pre-Foundation Phase

The first phase in a 4 point home inspection for new home construction is very important. This phase of the home inspection process happens before the foundation for your house is even laid. During this phase, our home inspectors will inspect items such as excavation, shoring and re-shoring, forms, footings, re-bar placement, and more. This phase is crucial because if the foundation isn't set up correctly, there can be severe consequences in the future.

Phase 2: Pre-Lintel Phase

Phase two of our 4 phase home inspection is the Pre-Lintel Phase. This phase is only for block-constructed homes. Our home inspectors will inspect your walls to ensure that they are placed correctly in this phase. When examining the walls to ensure correct placement, they will also ensure they will withstand the test of time. During the Pre-Lintel Phase, our home inspectors also inspect the window layout of the lintels and block cells. Re-bar connections, proper size steel, and proper stationing of poured cells are also checked in this phase.

Phase 3: Pre-Drywall Phase

When inspecting the electrical systems, our inspectors look for any possible problems in the electrical system. These problems include poor wiring, loose or rusted connections, and insufficient grounding. They will also inspect the outlets and switches to ensure they are secure and are not missing any screws.

When our inspectors examine the plumbing, they check to ensure all the water supply hoses and faucets are securely fastened. In areas where there is a hot and cold supply, they will check the temperature of each branch to be sure they are not at cross purposes. To check that the water heater is working correctly, they will place an insulated thermometer in it. They will ensure that all toilet tanks work and flush correctly during this phase. For gravity-fed water systems, our inspectors will also check the level of the tank

When inspecting the HVAC rough-in, our inspectors will inspect the HVAC system to ensure it's properly installed. Our inspectors will also check and verify compression on the main channels of the HVAC system. Our Home inspectors will provide photo evidence of all of their findings and verifications of proper installation in their phase 3 report.

This phase is where your home inspector will inspect all hurricane resistance attachments. While they ensure that the house has all the right hurricane-resistant attachments, they also check to confirm they are correctly installed and working. During this phase, they will also check to ensure there are no general problems or issues that could cause problems later down the line. We check and double-check these items to ensure your home is safe and ready for you in this phase.

Phase 4: Blue Tape Walk Through Phase

The final phase of our 4 phase home inspection is the Blue Tape Walk Through. In this phase, we will go through the house with a fine-toothed comb checking all aspects of the house. These include the finishes, paint, flooring, stucco, exterior wall coverings, insulation, lights, doors, etc. While we go through this phase, we will use blue tape to mark the items that need attention. The blue tape is to help your builder quickly identify the issues or problems and fix them.

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